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Let's Break the shame - for Myself

Every 39 seconds, the world loses another smile to mental illness.

Your partner, child, friend, neighbour or colleague could be one of them.

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The Mental Health Foundation for everyone that provides worldwide programs to enhance mental well-being, connects, supports and represent
those who need help.


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Mental health is complex. Therefore, it's very important for managers and leaders to educate themselves so they can help.We often compare it to building a house; We all know what a house looks like on the outside but you wouldn't know how to build one unless you've learnt how to do it yourself.

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How Cool.

When you find out that,
There are so many people that have benefited from our activities, found support & guidance and have finally felt that they are not alone.

And it works!

We've helped over more than 100K people grow into the best version if themselves.
And we continue doing that every single day.


We work from our core values. Which are:

You literally told my story in the words i could never find myself. I can't thank you enough.

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Masked Campaign

I am scared of the judgment, that comes with being vulnerable as a man.

Watch the campaign here

Working on a healthier world, together.

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With your help, we can continue to spread our message and prevent our families from losing more loved ones to mental illness. Every donation is used to educate, prevent and support. We hope to be able to keep helping individuals within their healing process and all others connected to this topic. Let's make that change together.
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Let's Break The Shame

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