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Project Management Intern

Amsterdam/Utrecht & Remote

Let’s Break the Shame is a mental health foundation that aims to support those struggling with their mental wellbeing. To do so, we have a range of projects with the goal of reaching and helping as many people as possible. Not only do we host workshops for educational institutions and talks where experienced experts share their stories and insights about depression, anxiety, eating disorders or trauma, but we also facilitate training for companies which provide tools to create a supportive and safe work environment.

In society, there is a lot of emphasis on physical health, whereas mental health is equally important and should receive just as much attention and care. We believe that opening the conversation around mental health can empower people to seek and receive the adequate help they need at an early stage.

While we are not here to replace mental health professionals, we offer an alternative perspective based on personal experiences. Our foundation is here to spread knowledge about what living with a mental illness can be like, to give information about why, when, and how to seek help and to educate people, so they may be able to provide understanding and compassion to those who are struggling.

Are you ready to become part of social change with us?

As a Project Management Intern you will:

  • Assist the senior project manager in overseeing schedules and milestone management.
  • Obtain weekly project status from all team members.  
  • Learn and use project management software.  
  • Implement and improve the project management mechanisms.
  • Prepare and assist in the project documentation.  
  • Document resource needs and availability.
  • Identify project scope, risks, constraints, dependencies, assumptions, and deadlines.  
  • Provide consistent updates on the project to all stakeholders.
  • Monitor project progress and help in adjustments.
  • Measure the project performance to suggest areas of improvement.

You are:

  • A good communicator. This discipline is at the heart of all of your missions
  • Familiar with methods, tools and main principles of internal and external communication
  • A creative and multidimensional human that loves to tell a good story through photos, videos, and words
  • Ready to make the world a better place

Our values
Our values are at the heart of everything that we do.

  • Solidarity and Inclusion: We celebrate and respect every individual in all its forms and do our best to make everyone feel heard, seen and included.
  • Personal Experience: We know how important the benefits of a mentally healthy workplace are. We are dedicated, friendly and open, working together to improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems.
  • Compassion: We hold care, respect, and empathy for all members of the community and emphasize the importance of kindness and understanding in helping others.
  • Choice and flexibility: The well-being of our team is a high priority for us. We offer a safe environment where we help each other and where asking questions is more than okay. Besides that, we offer flexible working hours because we believe that people thrive their best when they can tune in to what they need.
  • Space to grow: We offer every team member a lot of responsibility and possibilities to broaden their knowledge and skills with lots of different projects to maximize their potential.

Our main expectation
Let’s Break the Shame’s main expectation for you is that you are passionate and considerate about mental health. It is not a necessity for you to have a history of mental health struggles yourself or know someone that has. Instead, it simply means that we believe that passion and motivation for our cause are important – whether it comes from a personal place or a place of general sympathy.

Besides that, we expect that you value diversity and treat others with respect, show sensitivity towards differences and promote and encourage diversity.

Does this sound like the right fit for you? Then send in your application until early July. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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