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The official stuff.

The Let’s Break the Shame Foundation holds a PBO (ANBI) status. Our independent board meets up on a regular basis to make important decisions for the foundation and to evaluate the past months. Every board member brings different qualities and experiences, together they form an incredibly strong team. The board consists of Carine Engbers (Corporate Treasurer), Kikki Lindeman (Secretary) and René Artz (Chairmen). Read more about our board members here.

Reward Structure

Board members do not receive any rewards for their work. They are entitled to reimbursement of the expenses made by them in the performance of their duties and not excessive allowance fees.

Goals and Plans

The goal of Let’s Break the Shame is to help people in their recovery journey as well as setting up collaborations with institutions to incorporate mental health programs in schools, companies, and to set up a recovery track together with psychologists. We offer company & education programs, host events and perform online campaigns.


Stichting Let’s Break the Shame (LBTS)
Niersstraat 35-2, 1078 VH, Amsterdam
+31 6 15 67 67 49
KVK: 77660307
RSIN: 861085267
Annual Accounts (2021)

Partner up!

With your help, we can continue to spread our message and prevent our families from losing more loved ones to mental illness. Every donation is used to educate, prevent and support. We hope to be able to keep helping individuals within their healing process and all others connected to this topic. Let's make that change together.
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