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Let's Break The Shame

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Let's Break the shame

Mental disorders cost the global economy 1 trillion $  in lost productivity.

These estimated costs are all due to Mental Illness on a yearly basis.

Improve your productivity!

Our Health

We analyse, report, create and improve.

One in four adults experience mental illness every year.
Yet, due to a variety of factors including stigma and a lack of services, many do not receive
the care they need. This greatly impacts the workforce, resulting in loss of productivity due to
mental health-related absences, staff turnover and lack of job satisfaction.

Fascinatingisn't it?

Then wait until you see what we offer!

But first things first.

We want to emphasise that...

Appropriate mental health dialogues and services
in the workplace should always be a central focus, as
this leads to better employee performance, engagement,
retention and overall well-being. That's why we
offer programs based on personal
expertises in mental health.

The importance is real!

Let it sink in that...

Your benefits

Long term stability and well-being exert influence on all branches of the company. It provides:

  • Adequate health and safety policies;
  • Strong communication and management practices;
  • A broad participation and sufficient control over one's area of work;
  • High levels of support for employees;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Clear tasks or organisational objectives.

Which in the end leads to high productivity, less stress, descending sick leave and thereby achieving the set goals faster than thought possible.

The way we work


So, what are the costs?

Check them below*.

Inclusion & Health Programs*


€3000/starting price
Trainings for HR/Managers


€1000/starting price


€1000/starting price
Mental health-Toolkit


€1000/starting price
*Single workshops are accessible for €1000 per workshop
**all options provide access to our safe & secure online community platform with additional topics, workshops & spaces.
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