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Company Programs

Feeling authentic and open at work leads to better performance, engagement, employee retention, and overall well-being. As Mental Health is one of the key elements for individual well-being, we offer Company Programs based on our personal expertise in this area.
All Company Programs include a Mental Health Guide, Training for HR & Managers, Workshops and personalized Coaching Sessions.
A combination that contributes to long-term stability in the workplace.



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HR & Employee Benefits

Long term stability and overall well-being exert influence on all branches of the company. It provides:
  • Adequate health and safety policies;
  • Strong communication and management practices;
  • A broad participation and sufficient control over one’s area of work;
  • High levels of support for employees;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Clear tasks or organisational objectives.
Which in the end leads to high productivity, less stress, descending sick leave and thereby achieving the set goals faster than thought possible. 

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