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As Let’s Break The Shame we’ve a lot of experiences in public speaking. By telling our story or giving informational sessions, we hope to help as many as possible. We have spoken to thousands of people all over the world and worked together with schools, companies and a lot of other platforms. You can hire us for your own next event.


Iris has personally experienced Depression, PTSD, Anxiety and an Eating Disorder.

As one of the two speakers, she uses her story to show others that it is possible to climb out of a dark place mentally. Iris never thought that she would make it till today, but here she is.

Due to her own experiences, she knows exactly what she stands for and can help others to find that too. Iris shows others that nobody is allowed to tell you how you should live your life or how you should feel in a specific situation. That’s different for everyone.

Depression, PTSD, Anxiety or an Eating Disorder don’t have a look. Neither do all other Mental Illnesses. It is about time that more people realize they are definitely not alone.



Mae has an academic background in Business Administration as well as Organizational Change & Development and work experience in different companies such as Zalando, TUI and Story of AMS.

Personally, she has faced mental problems such as Depression and Anorexia. All this knowledge and experience combined made her realize what she has missed throughout the course of her life; she was never heard nor seen.

Mae is an ambitious public speaker who helps those who are struggling with their mental health, in or outside the work environment, find a balanced state of mental well-being and show non-strugglers the depths and effects of mental illnesses.


As your public speakers we are able to provide you with readings about our knowledge and experience in PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and Eating Disorders.
We open up about our life stories and what got us where we are today. 
We are skilled at accommodating talks suitable for either health professionals, people who struggle with their mental health, teachers, managers, students, or any other person who might benefit from more knowledge on these topics from a personal perspective.


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