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We are always looking for new partners to work together on normalising mental health struggles.

Our partners know that we work according to the following values:

  • We are united by our personal mental health experiences. We know and understand what it is like to deal with your mental health.
  • Human Action is of great importance to us. We value each individual and always work hard to make them feel heard and included.
  • Everybody should be able to share their story free of shame as we believe it is important. 
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Location, Beverages, Food and other supplies.


Together we will create awareness, facilitate trainings, organise workshops and desk lectures.


Support our structure financially.


Collecting Stories about mental health.
As a Let’s Break the Shame partner, you become part of societal change by normalising mental health issues and offering new and highly needed contributions to the yet existing mental health industry. 
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“It was a pleasure to work in cooperation with LBTS. During the Topconference ‘Nederland Maakt Impact’ (The Netherlands makes impact) of 2021, they provided a workshop, in which they paid much attention to the interaction with the workshop’s participants and their questions surrounding the topic of (mental) health. During their provided workshop, the representatives clearly showed their professionality in raising awareness for health and mental issues. We would recommend Let’s break the shame to any party regardless of the field, as the message of the organization is clear and necessary to be heard.”

Iskren Radoslavov
Programmaleider @Nederland Maakt Impact 
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