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We offer people support on their mental health journey and believe that we can help even more people from all around the world by working together as one in the form of our ambassadors network. 

By becoming one of our ambassadors you can help people who are mentally struggling too. 

We find it important that as an ambassador align with the following statements:

  • What might have worked for you, does not have to work for someone else. 
  • Because you do not feel the same way does not mean somebody else’s feelings aren’t valid.
  • There is no one size fits all concept for mental illnesses.
  • You do not have to tick off all the boxes before being sick enough.
Our ambassadors promote and speak at our Mental Health Events, help raise funding, share mental health related content and participate in campaign videos. As an ambassador for Let’s Break the Shame you will get to help others. That you will become a part of our community. And you are free to join our events whenever you like.
‘’Together we can create a strong Ambassadors Network to help those who struggle with their Mental Health from all around the world’’
Become an Ambassador
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