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Let's Break the shame

The second cause of death among students is suicide.

Your students could be one of them.

Make that change now!

Our Education

We analyse, report, create and improve.

Feeling authentic and open in schools leads to better performance, engagement,
and overall well-being. As Mental Health is one of the key elements
for individual well-being, we offer Education Programs based on our
personal expertise in this area.

Does it work?

By scientifically proven facts, we educate, guide and support. Our University
Programs can include workshops, trainings and guest lectures. A combination that contributes to a safe space within schools and improvement of performance, concentration and mental well-being among Students & Employees.

But also very

To see that...

Your benefits

A safe and well-educated high school environment can exert influence on all branches in a school.
It provides:

  • Adequate health and safety policies;
  • Strong communication and management practices;
  • A broad participation and sufficient control over a student's work;
  • High levels of support for students;
  • Solid development of necessary skills;
  • Motivated students;
  • A safe space for either students or teachers.

The way we work


We hear you thinking 'what are the costs?'

Check them here:



€250/starting price
Training for teachers


€500/starting price
Buddy to buddy talks

Offline & Online

€1000/starting price
Mental Health School toolkit


€500/starting price
*If you don’t want to commit to a full program, we also offer separate activities. Such as mental health walk-in days, buddy talks, toolkits, tailored workshops & more!
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Let's Break The Shame

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